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Want To Take Photographs From An Elevated Position? Use This Photography!

Photographs From An Elevated Position

Aerial photography involves capturing photographs by using airborne cameras. In other words, it involves taking the photographs of the ground from a direct down position or elevated position. In this photography, the camera is not supported by any ground-based structure. In general, aerial photography is the method of taking pictures with a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the ground below from an airplane, or from a satellite or rocket and it is a common method of reconnoitering land features.

Aerial photography is widely used at the time of war to guide the intrusions through the land. Besides from the military operations, this photography also loosens the geological irregularities and can pinpoint the international boundaries in an easy manner with conviction. Aerial photography in India is offered by many aerial photography companies.

Benefits of Aerial Photography

This photography is suitable for studying the topography of a region. With this photography, the valleys, mountains, terrain and river systems are easily pictured. It helps to select the sites of important installations like hydroelectric power projects or irrigation channel. This type of photography is also used by real estate developers whose area of operation is usually very extensive. These aerial photographs are used for promotional works also.

Some of the Geological Survey companies have done amazing work with the help of aerial photography by classifying various areas based on terrain type, altitude, and the nature of sub-soil, resources and vegetation etc. In addition to this, this photography is used in GIS that deals with charts and maps. This photography also gives benefits to a number of state and federal governments while planning or relocating satellite townships as well as restructuring existing ones.

Also, natural calamities like flood, timber fire, earthquake, tornado and volcanic eruptions can be pictured or photographed with this aerial photography only. If such a condition happens, government make use of aerial photography to determine the scale of damage. This also used for space photographs. This photography is used as a method of landscape studies, particularly in researches and archaeology. Drone survey companies in India provide this type of services to the people. Photographs are taken in two different forms in aerial photography and both have different applications and uses. The two different forms of aerial photography are oblique and vertical.


The oblique photographs are taken at an angle of 45 degrees. These photographs are taken manually at any degree and give the best view of a landscape. Images taken with oblique are generally used in archaeology to take a broad context of a feature and the area around it. These images are taken from small helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft and it is suitable for monitoring the erosion of monuments and features of many decades.


This form involves taking photographs straight down over a landscape. This form is a plan view, therefore, it has no angle to distort the image. This form of aerial photography provides a good impression of the differences in the elevation of land and in this form the photographs are taken at regular heights. These images are used to generate Orthomosaic maps, Digital Elevation Models, Reflectance maps, etc

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How To Manage and Monitor Infrastructure using drone?

Infrastructure constitutes of the basic physical and organisational structure of an enterprise such as buildings, transport, power supply, communication. They are high cost investments but are extremely important for the economic development. Bigger the business better the infrastructure should be with great business come responsibility to maintain and support the functioning. For a business its components like policies, procedures, human resources, tools and equipments, software’s, hardware’s etc are very essential for profit earning and efficient results. It’s like a road map that is applied to start run and monitor an organization.

These components to be available all the time are required to be monitored and maintained time to time. There are two types of infrastructure monitoring Proactive and reactive. Every infrastructure requires maintenance on a routine basis to function effectively and efficiently. This demands tracking of certain health indicators on the systems and take actions. This is called proactive monitoring. Whereas, immediate remedies taken for systems not working in order to restore the services is known as reactive monitoring.

Productive infrastructure monitoring enables data motivated decisions. An increase in productivity and performance is noticeable. Latest infrastructure monitoring services in India accommodate the requirements of the business and help them to identify the errors and rectify them before it’s too late and critically affect the business processes. They provide real time alerts in case of any emergency. These companies analyse the whole enterprises working through software. All the essential components are stored and regularly monitored via that software.

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A visual monitoring of infrastructures can also be done through drone cameras or aerial photography. The goal is to monitor the visual performance of a civil infrastructure like construction sites, mining sites, agricultural sites etc. It collects images and videos from the best angles in the air and analyse its progress and quality. Same technique is applied in case of solar panel inspection in India. While installing the solar panels, the heating of panels is natural and using conventional methods for inspection can overlook many aspects and can alter the results in future. So using drones for inspecting solar panels can be extremely useful and handy. It is time saving and cost effective.

Things to know about Artistic 360 Virtual Tour Photography

What is a Virtual tour?

This is a simulation of an existing location which composes of a series of still images or videos. It also makes use of some multimedia elements such as audio effects, narration, text and music.

Virtual Tour Photography

Virtual tour or 360-degree photography is the most amazing form of panorama photography. This is a special way of panorama photography. The virtual tour photography is the interactive way of showing panoramas in online. That is while watching this virtual tour, users will be able to interact with it. That is users can interact with the panorama by using their mouse to rotate it in all directions.

In this virtual tour photography, users can view everything in the photography like from the top to bottom, to go from one room to another, to read information, to zoom in the image etc. People can hire professional virtual tour photographers for capturing this type of photography. There are many 360 Virtual Tour Photography in India that help people to enjoy this photography. This is nothing but capturing several photos. The virtual tour photography can be done with a wide-angle lens or a fisheye.

Applications of virtual tour photography

This is used by a number of commercial environments which needs astonishing results. This 360 virtual tour photography is used in many environments such as

  • -: Art galleries and organizations
  • -: For functions, conferences, and events
  • -: For design and marketing agencies
  • -: For Cruise companies
  • -: Hotels
  • -: Public sectors
  • -: For Museums and Heritage
  • -: For Miscellaneous uses
  • -: For property companies
  • -: Universities
  • -: For the tour industry
  • -: For sports and leisure industry

Nowadays this 360-degree virtual tour photography is used in different fields. That is it is a widely used format in many environments. This is because it creates a full virtual tour playback. This is also a popular form of business. It is not just photography it also involve marketing, branding, maintaining clients and expenses etc. A number of companies involves in Aerial Survey in India. In general, a virtual photography is an art of creating or capturing a series of scenes as a single image.