It all started in October 2014, when we participated in UAE Drone’s for Good competition with a dream of utilizingĀ Drone’s to ease the complicated tasks and provide quality results in short amount of time. Although the competition was not won, butĀ we got an aim to work for. Goals were set with deadlines to achieve this Dream.

Market being studied, applications analysed, test flights were carried out, post processing algorithms were tested, drones were programmed, image processing was applied, GIS data was studied, automation was carried out. It took us entire year of research and development before we came up with PigeonIS in October 2015, integrating drone technology to achieve work efficiently and accurately.

We currently have team of experts from varied fields like web developer, wind blade analyst, land surveyors, GIS consultants, mining engineers, agronomists, inspectors, commercial drone pilots, R&DĀ engineers and our team is growing.

Being an affordable one stop drone solutions provider in India.
We send Drones to work, so No more boots on ground



With experience of more than 3 years, Pigeon Innovative SolutionsĀ guarantees an operation method, as per quality standards.

Additionally, we only employ extremely experienced pilots, who know how to operate in hazardous situations. They are trained for safety management before being on any commercial platform. We are fully aware of the highly responsible nature of the work that we do.

We have strict safety protocols and our operating manual functions as our guideline for safe, responsible and successful operations.

  • Traditional
  • Analog
  • 2D
  • Grounded
  • Manual
  • Modern
  • Digital
  • 3D
  • Airbourne
  • Autonomous
Years of Experience
Area Surveyed (SQKM)
Processed Data (TB)


We are a growing team of dedicated, fully trained and qualified UAS/drone pilots, inspection engineers, land surveyors and machine geeks. The focus at Pigeon Innvovative is to provide cutting edge services such as inspections, surveys and monitoring using drones.

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