Agricultural Applications

Drones for Agricultural in India

Looking at the current population growth and to cope up with this increasing demand, there will be need to squeeze even more out of every acre of land, every drop of water, each and every available resource responsibly. Hence, PRECISION AGRICULTURE comes to the rescue

But how can this technology help meet the challenges of sustainability, stewardship and maintaining global demand?We at Pigeonis will contribute towards its happening by providing drones for agriculture service, spraying using drone services and smart farming solutions for farmers in India.

We use UAV / Drones equipped with NIR(Near Infrared) sensors/multi spectral cameras collect high quality data, generating high-res geo-referenced reflectance maps, elevation contours, DSM and Vegetation Index (NDVI / NDRE / SAVI) in post processing and provide smart farming solutions for the people who are looking for technological involvement in the agriculture.

Process we follow for Smart Farming Solutions in India


These high quality data can be used for:

  1. – Monitoring plant health
  2. – Spraying
  3. – Plant Counting
  4. – Scheduling Seeding/Harvesting
  5. – Classify management zones based on health

Agricultural Drone data helps in :

  1. – Saving Time Crop Scouting
  2. – Reducing usage of scarce resources
  3. – Recording data for future analysis
  4. – Increasing yields by using resources effectively

*Research and Development Stage

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