Drone Survey / 3D Modeling

Aerial & Drone Survey in India

UAV or Drones along with exciting new image-processing algorithms are driving a fundamental change in how data aggregation takes place whilst providing quick, economic, safe and accurate drone survey in India.

UAV Surveying in India has helped many companies to get georeferenced imagery of their land. Offering 10 times the clarity than Google earth maps, it’s easy to identify objects on ground.

Watch our video about “Drone’s for Mining Exploration’s” Click here. Also, track illegal mining activities using drones live video feed.

Drone Survey Methodology :

Planning > Drone data collection > Drone data processing > Generation of desired maps

Our Drone data provides most valuable insights in terms of evaluation, planning, site operations and maintenance, thereby reducing the ground work. We work with a variety of compact and portable UAV platforms suitable for varying situations. Ground Sampling Distance or resolutions being as high as 1cm per pixel.

Our aerial survey offerings :

  • GIS Survey
  • Orthophoto Generation
  • Cadastral Mapping Solutions
  • Rockfall Survey via drone
  • DSM / DEM / DTM
  • Haul Road Planning
  • 3D Modeling
  • Documentation
  • Contour Maps
  • Smart City and Urban Planning
  • 3D Volumetrics
  • Corridor Mapping and Indexing
  • Stockpile Analysis (Shape/ Volume)
  • Blueprint Overlay
  • Distance/Area/Volume Measurements
  • Tree Canopy Identification
  • Cut and Fill Estimation
  • Rooftop Analysis
  • Bench/Rock Slope Extraction
  • Encroachment Zone Detection
  • Topographical Survey
  • Overburden Zone Detection
  • Landslide/Site Damage Survey
  • Progress Reports
  • Archeology
  • Rockfall Drone Survey
  • Progress Forecasting
  • Disaster Assessment
  • Auditing
  • Environmental Studies
  • Insurance
  • Photogrammetry Consultancy

Our Drone survey can be used by Land Surveyors, rockfall survey, Project Consultants, Smart City Planners, Urban Planners, Asset owners, Government Organisations, Railway Authorities, Road Constructors, Architectures, Civil Engineers, Contractors, Disaster Assessment cells, Insurance companies, Mining companies, Government property tax department, Archaeologists, Land Administrators, Land Owners, Real Estate Developers, Forest Officials, Conservationists, Utility applications, Statistics, Transport Authorities, Development committees, Emergency response activists.

We offer aerial drone survey services all over India and abroad

We are one of the best drone surveying company in India 

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