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Contour lines generated using Aerial Drone Survey

What are contour lines? Why are they used? How can contour lines help in understanding the terrain? Click to know more.


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Drones for Warehouse Inventory in India

Every manager is confronted with the annual phenomenon ‘the inventory’. A job that your employees prefer not to perform because the inventory is very labor-intensive.


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Roadmap To Drone Policy In India

On 15th January, 2019 at Global Aviation Summit 2019 held in Mumbai, HMoS Mr. Jayant Sinha had a panel discussion regarding Robust Drone Ecosystem and released a road-map.

CAR2.0 will open up new business opportunities, create new jobs and position India as a global leader in this space.


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Road Construction Monitoring using Drones

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi suggested using drones to monitor the construction and fasten up the construction process as well as maintain transparency


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New era in Surveying and Mapping-DRONEAGE

Drones are now able to address some of the unique challenges faced while surveying an area. Drones can collect land survey data at a much faster rate and with a much higher degree of accuracy… Read more


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Want To Take Photographs From An Elevated Position? Use This Photography!

Aerial photography involves capturing photographs by using airborne cameras. In other words, it involves taking Read more..


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Drones are reforming the Inspection World

Industrial inspection using Drones? Why? How? Where? short description about how drones can reform the inspection world. Click here to know more.


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How To Manage and Monitor Infrastructure using drone?

Infrastructure constitutes of the basic physical and organisational structure of an enterprise such as buildings


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Things to know about Artistic 360 Virtual Tour Photography

What is Virtual tour? This is a simulation of an existing location which composes of a series of still images or videos.



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