Infrastructure Monitoring

Power Line Inspection

Power line tower inspection using drones mounted with IR/Thermal Digital Sensors helps in detecting overheated components due to transition resistance, cracks, hotspots, wire damage, insulator shells damage, electric joint failure, etc.

Forecasting and predicting maintenance becomes an easy task making it a safe, economic, resilient and environment friendly exercise.

*Research and Development Stage

Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Application of UAV/Drone with a camera/sensor while recording and also displaying the monitored scene in real time helps in detecting cold spots, fluid leaks, corrosion’s, illegal activities, false vegetation growth, leaks of underground pipelines or any specific concern.

Attacks, damage or leaks to installations generally lead to incurring massive revenue losses and lawsuits.

Rail Line Monitoring

UAV or Drone can inspect and monitor in detail substantial sections of rail lines in real time, with an option of live streaming.

Our drones are equipped with UltraHD camera’s which enable us to generate extremely precise aerial images and videos providing a comprehensive mapping of the inspected object’s technical condition.

Inspection of Chimney, Cooling towers

UltraHD image feeds of drone can be used to inspect external structures without the hassle of erecting scaffolds, ladders or cherry pickers.

Using drones for Inspection of Chimney’s offers an affordable solution which makes inspection seem trouble-free in every situation.

Bridge Inspection

The dynamics and rapid development of the construction sector made drones (UAV) an attractive solution for helping in regular inspections of the critical points and taking preventive measures. Sophisticated and modern equipment as well as the UltraHD cameras provide live feed, providing an opportunity to make quick decisions. Our monitors on ground displaying the live feed allows teams to jointly assess the inspection process.

Inspection of Off-shore Structures

Our drones carrying high quality digital sensors can be flown swiftly closer to any off-shore structures without erecting scaffolds or ladders, enabling data collection and inspection to be carried out safely.

Drones can be advantageous while inspecting critical infrastructures

Telephone Mast Inspection

Telephone mast scheduled inspection procedures are recommended to maintain optimised Radio Frequency emissions and safe operations. These structures can have defects such as rusts, loose fixtures, disconnection of cables/connectors, bird nests, antenna misalignment, radiation emissions, etc.

Our UAVs equipped with HD cameras, IR/RF sensors are used for inspection by our technical experts for accurate and hassle-free assessments.


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