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What Is a Contour Survey?

In today’s blog, we are basically going to discuss all the questions regarding the contour survey. All this time we have been talking about drone usage in different things, in different fields, and

Everything you should know about Aerial cinematography

“The best shots of all times are taken aerially” Whilst shooting of films, there are lots of equipment’s that are used. Film makers ensure that the scene is captured from all angles. The camera

Drones in Logistics: What is the logistic Industry?

Bill gates rightly quoted, Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize in positive ways to help the society.  Logistic industry is basically a chain which involves two major

4 Ways Utilities Are Benefitting from Drones

Permissions granted by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have opened the doors wide open for the drone technology. Work in different industries has been tremendously reduced because of the efficie


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