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Drones for Warehouse Inventory in India

Every manager is confronted with the annual phenomenon ‘the inventory’. A job that your employees prefer not to perform because the inventory is very labor-intensive. We at Pigeonis do not think this is the best time of the year. In large warehouses, this process is complicated by pallet racks that are difficult to access. Isn’t there any way to make the inventory run more efficiently? 

How does the drone work within a warehouse?

The drone is linked to an automatic warehouse truck. The device cannot get lost because it has a direct link to the truck. In addition, the drone is always supplied with energy in this way. 

The drone is about half a meter in size and has six rotors. The drone has a barcode scanner, rangefinder, and a camera onboard. The drone takes a photo of the bottom pallet location. Then scans the codes of the stored goods by moving up the racks.

Once at the top, the automatic warehouse truck moves to the left or right. The drone will then complete the next row within the warehouse rack from top to bottom. 

When a scaffolding has been completed, the drone will fly to the ground with the warehouse truck. The truck moves, and the drone goes along. The process starts again on the next statement. 

All data is stored per storage rack. The position of the rack, including the product photo and the associated barcode, is shown via the software.

Integrate a drone in your warehouse?

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