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Drones are reforming the Inspection World


Industrial inspection is usually undertaken to ensure the reliability of structures or machinery. For inspecting huge structures it becomes costly, time consuming as well as risky for the managements. Aerial inspection provides the solution by using drone or an UAV, which is not only economic and efficient, but are also saving lives by replacing the risky practices. Plenty of old dangerous bridges and buildings, lightning strikes on wind turbine blades, cracks on solar panels, leakages in oil and gas pipelines, vegetation growth near conveyor lines are now being carried out with the help of a drone technology.


Aerial drone inspection captures data in real-time allowing asset managers to compare the condition of assets with previous imagery and sensor readings, and then match them to manufacturing or industry standards to determine the next course of action in the asset management lifecycle. Maintenance and repair are then scheduled directly from the asset management system, causing minimal disruption to operations. A comprehensive asset management strategy that includes the use of drones uav’s for inspection provides a meaningful alternative strategy to traditional asset management. Such solutions have the ability to shift operations and maintenance processes from reactive to proactive.

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Aerial drone inspection makes field inspection safer and more efficient. Considering a field inspector facing a high risk of injury or death while inspecting complex unreachable structures. They are often required to scale large structures to visually inspect potential damage in need of repair. When compared to manual inspections, Aerial drone inspection provides greater safety at job site by reducing costs of operations and manpower. Importantly, it take lesser time to inspect as compared to alternative traditional methods.


We at Pigeonis provide aerial drone inspection services for enormous dams, lanky wind turbine blades, heighted cell towers, vast solar farms, conveyor lines, chimneys, cooling towers, long oil and gas pipelines, etc. With highly qualified team of Drone pilots and dedicated engineers for every operation, we provide accurate actionable data and the most reliable solution. We work on quality aerial content, as quality is our key motto. Not just satisfied with industrial inspection? We also provide drone survey. Check out our solutions page for more services. With Pigeonis step into Droneage.

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